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Tea, Tonic & Toxin  is a mystery and thriller book club and podcast. We’re starting with tales from the Victorian era (1837-1901) and the Edwardian era (1901-1910), including Poe’s Dupin stories, The Moonstone, The Woman in White, and A Study in Scarlet.

We’ll also read books that are lesser known today, such as Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, The Notting Hill Mystery, and The Mystery of a Hansom Cab. Every one of these tales broke boundaries and played an instrumental role in launching the mystery and thriller genre.

Each month, we’ll continue to move chronologically from one book to the next, focusing on game changers – the mysteries and detective stories that have stood the test of time.


Sarah Harrison - Host of Tea Tonic and Toxin (Mystery and Thriller Podcast and Book Club)



Sarah loves getting to the bottom of any mystery having to do with life, love, work, play, personality, or process dysfunction. A scientist obsessed with reading fiction, she launched PORN (People Obsessed with Reading Novels -- get your mind out of the gutter) while in grad school. After nine years, it was time for her book club to transmogrify into the podcast before you, sending its tendrils out to find you, friend. When she isn't hanging with her husband and two kids or running her business, Grace Sigma, she's taking a deep dive into the history, art, and architecture of this dark genre.

Carolyn Daughters - Hot of Tea Tonic and Toxin (Mystery and Thriller Podcast and Book Club))



Carolyn has loved mysteries ever since she and her sister Michele started the highly successful CarMich Detective Agency when they were kids. Though she has never solved a crime, she is an excellent detective. When she isn't trying to convince people she's an excellent detective, she's busy running her company, CarolynDaughters.com, teaching persuasive writing and marketing courses, exploring new neighborhoods on foot and photographing street art, and boarding a plane early and often (47 states, 41 countries, and counting). She's coming for you, North Dakota.

Tea Tonic and Toxin: Mystery and Thriller Podcast and Book Club


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