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Rumor of Evil by Gary Braver: INTERVIEW

On the heels of the bestseller Choose Me comes the “unpredictable whodunit” (Publishers Weekly) Rumor of Evil by Gary Braver.

Gary Braver has been touted as one of the best thriller writers in America. His novels have been translated into 17 languages, and three have been optioned for movies, including Elixir by director Ridley Scott. He’s the only author to have three books listed on the top 10 highest customer-rated thrillers on Amazon at the same time.

Detectives Kirk Lucian and Mandy Wing investigate a reported suicide of a Cambridge, Massachusetts, woman. After further investigation, the hanging appears staged, and clues begin to connect the murder to the decades-old mysterious death of a beautiful 16-year-old Romany exchange student who perished in a fire. The girl, Vadima Lupescu, had done “odd” things among her American peers that stirred up prejudices and suspicions, leading to her brutal death and cover-up.

As Kirk and Mandy investigate bizarre rumors about Vadima’s “gypsy powers,” they discover a cauldron of dark secrets. Will they uncover the true cause of this tangled web of deaths and horrors before it spirals out of control? Find out in Gary Braver’s Rumor of Evil — and listen to the podcast interview!

Rumor of Evil by Gary Braver - an Interview with Tea, Tonic & Toxin

About Author Gary Braver

Rumor of Evil by Gary Braver is the  latest book by the award-winning, international bestselling author of nine critically acclaimed medical thrillers and mysteries.

Gary’s novels have been celebrated for their high-concepts, careful craftsmanship, well-rounded characters, and page-turning momentum. His novel Flashback received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and is the only thriller to have won a Massachusetts Book Award for Fiction. His previous book Choose Me (co-authored with Tess Gerritsen) was a #1 bestseller on Kindle and a bestseller in several foreign countries.

Under his own name, Gary Goshgarian is an award-winning Professor Emeritus of English at Northeastern University where he taught Fiction Writing, Science Fiction, Horror Fiction, and Bestsellers. He has also taught fiction-writing workshops throughout the United States and Europe and was founder of the London Writers Workshop. He is the author of six popular college writing textbooks.

Goshgarian holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an MA in English from the University of Connecticut, and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Wisconsin. He lives in Arlington, MA, with his family.

To learn more about Rumor of Evil by Gary Braver, visit www.garybraver.com.

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