Tea Tonic and Toxin: Mystery and Thriller Podcast and Book Club

Locked Room Mystery: The Three Coffins – The Hollow Man

Locked room mysteries are the bomb, folks. Are they still saying that? “The bomb?” Well, here at Tea, Tonic & Toxin we’re still saying it. And we mean it. Fun, short, enjoyable read. Get your Hollow Man on. Unless you’re in the UK, where you’ll get your Three Coffins on. Oh, and listen in.

Carter Wilson – The Father She Went to Find

Carter Wilson is the USA Today bestselling author of nine standalone psychological thrillers. He’s an ITV Thriller Award finalist and five-time Colorado Book Award winner. We met with him and his cat, MacGuffin, at his home in Colorado to discuss his latest book, The Father She Went to Find.

The Postman Always Rings Twice Novel and Films

In a dusty roadside diner, love ignites a murderous plot. Or maybe it’s just lust. Or maybe it’s shared psychopathology. Special guest Rebecca Heisler joins Sarah and Carolyn to talk about this groundbreaking noir tale. The postman does indeed rings twice. This story’s dark, folks.

Barbara Nickless – Play of Shadows

Barbara Nickless is a Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon Charts bestselling crime novelist who joined Sarah and Carolyn in their makeshift studio for a heartfelt discussion about her writing and research process, her travels, and her latest book, Play of Shadows. Amazing woman, amazing writer. You’ll love her.

Nick and Nora in The Thin Man

Dashiell Hammett’s granddaughter Julie Rivett joins us on a second episode to discuss The Thin Man, Nick and Nora Charles, and all things Dashiell Hammett. Color us honored, which I envision as pleurigloss with a hint of alpha plaid. What a DELIGHTFUL conversation. Folks, you want to hear what Julie has to say. Trust me.

Dashiell Hammett Detective Stories

We could have interviewed Julie M. Rivett for days on end. She’s fascinating in her own right, and she shared AMAZING information about her grandfather, Dashiell Hammett. This one’s a must-listen, folks. Well, they’re all must-listens in our biased opinions, but this one belongs at the top of the must-listen list.

Mystery Book Club: 2023 Roundup

Wow, what a year. In 2023, our listener base grew by 223%, and we had the great fortune to read and discuss Murder on the Orient Express, The Maltese Falcon, The Innocence of Father Brown, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Thirty-Nine Steps, and the very first Perry Mason novel. Get the scoop on 2023 here!

Dorothy Sayers The Nine Tailors

Autodesk cofounder and Dorothy L. Sayers super scholar Dan Drake joins Sarah and Carolyn on a second episode celebrating The Nine Tailors. Dan introduced us to the word “Sayersiana,” and we feel all the smarter for it. Get your Sayersiana fix by listening to, learning about, and loving all things Dorothy Sayers!

Best Mystery Podcast 2024

The Tea, Tonic & Toxin book club and podcast is on FIRE. Our 2024 book club picks are live and kicking, and in this bonus episode we’d love to introduce all 12 of them to you. We’re reading mysteries published from 1934-1939. And we’ll have lots of guests and author interviews — BIG things on the horizon, folks!

The Nine Tailors: Lord Peter Wimsey

Oh, those bells! Tis the season for The Nine Tailors, whose story begins on New Year’s Eve and includes an immense amount of bell-ringing. (“Tailors” are church bell strokes that announce a death.) Joining Sarah and Carolyn is Dorothy L. Sayers aficionado Dan Drake. So much holiday goodness — we almost can’t stand it!