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It’s time for more mysteries, detective stories, and thrillers! Our 2024 selections include stunners published from 1934-1939. Scroll down the page, get reading, and subscribe so you never miss an episode! (You can find the 2022 schedule here and 2023 schedule here.)

January 2024

Publication: 1934

The allure of THE THIN MAN lies in its timeless intrigue, captivating characters, and masterful storytelling. Dashiell Hammett’s novel is known for its clever plot twists, witty dialogue, a surprising blend crime and comedy – and the enigmatic duo of Nick and Nora Charles.

February 2024

Publication: 1934

THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE is James M. Cain’s groundbreaking noir tale of passion and betrayal. In a dusty roadside diner, love and lust ignite a murderous plot. As secrets unravel, two lovers are drawn into a web of crime, leading to a shocking and morally ambiguous climax.

March 2024

Publication: 1935 

John Dickson Carr’s THE HOLLOW MAN (THE THREE COFFINS) is celebrated for its exceptional execution of the locked-room mystery, a sub-genre demanding ingenious plotting and cerebral depth. Many consider it the best locked room mystery of all time. It’s a mystery fiction masterpiece.

April 2024

Publication: 1935

Years after a college hazing left him disabled, Paul Chapin seems to be exacting revenge on those responsible. Can brilliant detective Nero Wolfe and his wise-cracking sidekick, Archie Goodwin, stop the killer before he strikes again? Find out in Rex Stout’s THE LEAGUE OF FRIGHTENED MEN.

May 2024

Publication: 1935

When a man is found dead in a quaint English village, Inspector Hannasyde must unravel the secrets of the eccentric family involved. In DEATH IN THE STOCKS, a beloved classic, Georgette Heyer infuses the traditional mystery with her signature style of historical Regency romance.

June 2024

Publication: 1935

Harriet Vane returns to her alma mater, Oxford, only to find the tranquil setting disturbed by a series of unsettling incidents. A strong and independent woman, Harriet defied gender norms of her time, and some consider Dorothy Sayers’ GAUDY NIGHT to be the first feminist mystery novel.

July 2024

Publication: 1936

THE ABC MURDERS is an early example of a “serial killer” novel. A killer strikes in alphabetical order, challenging renowned detective Hercule Poirot to a battle of wits. With ingenious twists and red herrings, Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery keeps readers guessing until the end.

August 2024

Publication: 1938

In THE WHEEL SPINS, a young woman’s train journey takes a sinister turn when a fellow passenger mysteriously disappears. Ethel Lina White’s suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat read served as the basis for Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film The Lady Vanishes. It’s a classic of the genre.

September 2024

Publication: 1939

A young bride is haunted by the lingering shadow of her husband’s first wife at the eerie Manderley estate. Secrets, jealousy, and suspense converge in a chilling tale of love and deception. Daphne du Maurier’s classic Gothic novel REBECCA won the Anthony Award for Best Novel of the Century.

October 2024

Publication: 1939

ROGUE MALE is an enduring masterpiece of mystery, adventure, suspense, and the sheer thrill of the chase. Geoffrey Household called it a “bastard offspring of Stevenson and Conrad.” It’s “the best escape and pursuit story yet written, with lip-chewing tension right to the end.” [The Times (UK)]

November 2024

Publication: 1939

The intricate plot, morally complex characters, and exploration of the human psyche in A COFFIN FOR DIMITRIOS (THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS) make it one of the first modern suspense thrillers. Eric Ambler paved the way for such writers as John Le Carre, Len Deighton, and Robert Ludlum.

December 2024

Publication: 1939

Ten strangers, each with a dark secret, are lured to a remote island and drawn into a deadly game. As the body count rises, paranoia intensifies in this classic whodunit. Agatha Christie’s AND THEN THERE WERE NONE is the best-selling mystery/crime novel of all time.

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