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The Thirty-Nine Steps

Welcome to the Tea, Tonic & Toxin book club and podcast! We’re reading and discussing the best mysteries and detective stories ever written.

The Thirty-Nine Steps, published in 1915, is one of the most popular espionage thrillers ever written. The action-packed story begins in May 1914. One day, our protagonist, Richard Hannay, finds a man named Franklin Scudder at the door of his London flat. Scudder is a freelance spy who has secret information about an assassination plot that could lead to a world war. Days later, Scudder is murdered in Hannay’s flat.

Fearing for his life, Hannay goes on the run. His goal: Stay one step ahead of both the police and the spies who will stop at nothing to find him.


The Thirty-Nine Steps

The Thirty-Nine Steps

Sarah and Carolyn and special guest Wendi Anderson love The Thirty-Nine Steps, a fast-paced man on the run thriller published in 1915. Warning: Listening to this episode will make you want to become a freelance spy and move to Scotland. If you’re already a freelance spy and live in Scotland, we’re jealous.

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Trent's Last Case: The First Golden Age Detective Story

Trent's Last Case: The First Golden Age Detective Story

Carolyn dislikes Trent, and she would not invite him to her dinner party. Sarah, on the other hand, would probably bring Trent as her guest to Carolyn’s dinner party, putting Carolyn in an awkward hostess-ly position. The Golden Age begins here, folks, and we are too excited to type more words.

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Trent's Last Case by E. C. Bentley

Trent's Last Case by E. C. Bentley

Trent’s Last Case is one of the best mystery stories of all time according to Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and The New York Times. What do YOU think? Does the book live up to the hype? Carolyn and Sarah have some strong opinions to share. You’ll want to listen in!

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Tea, Tonic, and Toxin is a book club and podcast for people who love mysteries, thrillers, introspection, and good conversation. Each month, your hosts, Carolyn Daughters and Sarah Harrison, will discuss a game-changing mystery or thriller, starting in 1841 onward. Together, we’ll see firsthand how the genre evolved.


Along the way, we’ll entertain ideas, prospects, theories, doubts, and grudges, along with the occasional guest. And we hope to entertain you, dear friend. We want you to experience the joys of reading some of the best mysteries and thrillers ever written.

Tea, Tonic, and Toxin Book Club and Podcast - Mysteries and Thrillers


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Sarah Harrison - Host of Tea Tonic and Toxin (Mystery and Thriller Podcast and Book Club)


Sarah loves getting to the bottom of any mystery having to do with life, love, work, play, personality, or process dysfunction. A scientist obsessed with reading fiction, she launched PORN (People Obsessed with Reading Novels -- get your mind out of the gutter!) while in grad school. After nine years, it was time for her book club to transmogrify into the podcast before you, sending its tendrils out to find you, friend. When she isn't hanging with her husband and two kids or running her business, Grace Sigma, she's taking a deep dive into the history, art, and architecture of this dark genre.

Carolyn Daughters - Hot of Tea Tonic and Toxin (Mystery and Thriller Podcast and Book Club))


Carolyn has loved mysteries ever since she and her sister Michele started the CarMich Detective Agency when they were kids. Though she has never solved a crime, she is an excellent detective. When she isn't trying to convince people she's an excellent detective, she's busy running her company, CarolynDaughters.com, serving as a fractional chief marketing officer for small businesses, teaching persuasive writing courses, exploring new neighborhoods on foot, photographing street art, and boarding planes early and often (47 states, 42 countries, and counting). She's coming for you, North Dakota and Bhutan.